1、Refund Policy Before purchasing, please confirm the products and services you need to purchase: Orders that have been paid but not processed: If you choose to pay by credit card, the money will be refunded; if you choose a payment method other than credit card, the refund will be entered into your paypal account. The order processing time is generally 1-2 days, and the refund arrival time varies with different payment methods, but it will not exceed 30 days at most; Orders that have been paid and processed: Since it is a virtual product, if your order has been processed, we will not support refunds. For special reasons, you can contact our customer service team for processing; 2、Refund Method All refunds require contacting our customer service team with the reason for the refund, such as wrong purchase, duplicate order, order not processed, etc. 3、Contact Information Company Name: SEAWORLD TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Company address: FLAT 1512, 15/F, LUCKY CENTRE, NO.165-171 WAN CHAI ROAD, WAN CHAI, HONG KONG. Tel: (+852) 39622601 Email: [email protected]