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Saudi Arabia
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Important Note: Only support the Middle East, If you are outside the Middle East, please click this link to place an order.

The Middle East: United Arab Emirates (AE), Bahrain (BH), Djibouti (DJ), Algeria (DZ), Egypt (EG), Israel (IL), Iraq (IQ), Iran (IR), Jordan (JO), Comoros (KM), Kuwait (KW), Lebanon (LB), Libya (LY), Morocco (MA), Mauritania (MR), Oman (OM), Palestine (PS), Qatar (QA), Saudi Arabia (SA), Sudan (SD), Somalia (SO), Syria (SY), Tunisia (TN) and Yemen (YE).

【About Mico Live?】

MICO Live is a Global live stream, Live chat in chat room, Live single & multi-user guest call rooms with friends.

【About Mico Coins?】

MICO offers a feature allowing users to purchase virtual currency which we called "MICO Coins" for use within the Service (i.e. as a "tip" to another MICO Broadcaster for their live broadcast, or send Gift to your friends on chat).

【How to Recharge Mico Coins?】

1. Enter your Mico ID.

2. Select the amount of Mico Live coins you want.

3. Click the “buy now” button.

4. Choose your payment method.

5. After completing the payment, the Mico Live coins you purchased will be recharged into your Mico Live account.

【How to Find Mico ID?】

1. Use your account to log into the Mico Live.

2. Click on your profile in the bottom right corner.

3. Your Mico Live ID will be displayed under your nickname.

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